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Eintracht Frankfurt Sporting Director Markus Krösche has made a quite frankly ridiculous comment about West Ham United’s stance on selling tickets for the Europa League semi-final clash.

The Bundesliga outfit have been given a 3,000 allocation for the Europa League clash at the London Stadium next week.

There have been rumours that Eintracht Frankfurt fans are attempting to purchase tickets in the home end, however.

West Ham have responded by sharing their zero tolerance policy regarding any Frankfurt fans who attempt to buy tickets in the home end.

The German fans will be immediately ejected from their seats, should they encroach into any area of the stadium that isn’t allocated to them.

Fair enough right? Surely, that is the only right way to go about things. The West Ham fans could sell out the London Stadium at least two times over if we could. So why on earth would we want to make extra tickets available or the Eintracht Frankfurt fans?

It seems as though the Germans don’t quite see it that way though…

The Bundesliga outfit’s Sporting Director spoke to Hessenchau about the upcoming UEFA Europa League clash and berated West Ham for their hardline approach to ticketing:

“The English want to be tough there. I hope that there are still more in the city. This feeling does something to us.”

It’s just ridiculous really isn’t it.

What do Frankfurt actually expect? For us to allow their fans to buy tickets all over the London Stadium? Can you just imagine the trouble that that would cause throughout the game?

Home and away fans should always be kept separate.

And the fact that we are giving them a 3,000 allocation is just fine as well. UEFA stipulates that an allocation of 5% of the stadium capacity should be given to away fans.

So with our 60,000 capacity, that is spot on.

The German club really do need to stop moaning.

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