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Black Stars Assistant Coach: Our Visits To Centres Will Improve Local Players

Assistant coach of the Black Stars, Mas-Ud Didi Dramani says the recent attendance by the technical team of the Black Stars will urge local-based players to give their best for their respective clubs which would go a long way to help the league.

As promised by Chris Hughton who was appointed as head coach for the Black Stars in March alongside Didi Dramani and George Boateng who were assigned to assist the former Brighton and Hove Albion trainer, the technical team have been spotted at match centres during matchday periods in the domestic leagues.

While many believe the effort is to help the coaches spot the top performers for selection ahead of future national team assignments, Didi Dramani says it goes beyond that.

According to him, while their presence elevates the value of the league it also encourages players to go beyond offering their average.

“Sometimes we have the notion that once we have Chris Hughton going round observing our matches, George Boateng going round observing our matches, it’s just to spot talents.

“Sometimes it’s to give the league the respect that it deems, it’s to give the players, the coaches the respect that, they have their partners in the industry who pay attention to what they are doing.

“It’s to give the administrators that respect that people in that stage of the game are also following and respecting what they are trying to bring across.

“It also gives the industry players the opportunity to continue to advance and even improve in what we are all taking up.

“It gives you a fair idea of what the standards are that when somebody asks you about Division One, you have a lot to be able to do,” he told Accra-based Radio Gold.

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