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The Cardinals rookie helped the team to a 7-4 win over the rival Cubs.

After a spectacular showcase in Saturday’s 7-4 win against the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals rookie Brendan Donovan, 25, didn’t take questions on how he helped fuel the 10-inning victory; rather, the attention was all on ‘problematic’ tweets from 2011, dug up by the cancel mob.

After the win Saturday night, Donovan apologized for tweets he had sent out using homophobic language … first posted when he was a teenager.

News of the tweets surfaced during the game, shifting the evaluation of the first-year player’s work on the field to the woke standard for evaluating a player, through their malleable perspective of what’s morally right and wrong.

During postgame interviews, Donovan appeared remorseful over the controversy but seemed also dejected by not being able to celebrate the best performance of his young career.

“I take full responsibility,” Donovan told reporters. “It was something I sent out a long time ago. I’m truly sorry to anyone I may have offended. Anyone that knows me as a person knows I see everyone the same, and I do not condone that type of behavior or anything.

“If I’ve offended you, I truly apologize,” he added. “Hopefully, I can do my part to show you that’s not who I am.”

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