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Carmelo Anthony Retired From Professional Basketball

Ten times NBA All-Star and six times All-NBA Team member Carmelo Anthony has officially retired from professional basketball.

Carmelo Anthony was a former professional basketball player who last played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

Recognized for his remarkable scoring ability, he was recently honored with a place on the NBA 75th Anniversary Team in 2021, solidifying his status as one of the all-time greatest scorers in NBA history.

Carmelo Anthony, The NBA Player (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Anthony competed in collegiate basketball for the Syracuse Orange and achieved victory in the national championship as a freshman in 2003, earning the title of Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Tournament.

Fans and fellow players have poured their love and support in honor of the star on social media.

Carmelo Anthony Announced His Retirement Through A Video Message On Twitter

The basketball icon took to Twitter to share a heartfelt video, reminiscing about his extraordinary journey and conveying a special message to his loyal fans.

In the emotional video, he also unveiled some exciting news: his illustrious legacy will continue through his son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, who is set to embark on his own basketball career.

The announcement left fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter of the Anthony family’s basketball dynasty.

Anthony boasts an impressive record of participating in the Olympics on four separate occasions.

With the 2004 team, he secured a bronze medal while capturing gold medals with the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympic squads.

Furthermore, Anthony presently holds the esteemed position of being the 9th highest scorer in NBA history.

The legacy he has created will be difficult for his son to keep up, but with Anthony as his mentor, there’s nothing his son cannot achieve.

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