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Patrick Mahomes Lets Random Fan Hold Lombardi Trophy During Super Bowl Parade

The Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII on Sunday

Maybe Patrick Mahomes had just a tad too much to drink on Wednesday.

Of course, it was all for good reason, but the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback put the NFL’s most prized possession in the hands of some random attendee of their Super Bowl parade – literally.

While walking (perhaps stumbling a bit) around and taking selfies, Mahomes took a photo with a fan while holding the Lombardi Trophy.

When Mahomes went to turn back to walk elsewhere, he just handed the trophy to the fan.

Funny enough, the fan seemed to be expecting to be given the trophy.

He didn’t hold onto it for much longer though as the trophy was back in the good graces of the Chiefs shortly after.

Even if it went missing for good, though, Mahomes has another one at home.

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