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Wrestling icon John Cena will be making a WWE comeback during a Raw episode on Monday, June 27 .

WWE has announced legendary wrestler, John Cena, will be returning later this month.

The multi-time WWE Champion has not appeared at the WWE since SummerSlam in August of last year.

John Cena and Kevin Federline during WWE Monday Night RAW with Surprise Guest Kevin Federline at The Staples Center in Los Angeles. Photo by Matthew Simmons.

However, his fans will have a chance to see him once again in the coming days, with WWE confirming on Twitter the wrestler’s imminent comeback.

According to the wrestling company, Cena will be appearing on Monday, June 27, during a Raw episode.

“John Cena returns to #WWERaw on Monday, June 27 to celebrate his 20 Year Anniversary with WWE,” the company said in a tweet.

It however remains unclear if Cena will wrestle anyone during the appearance, with GiveMeSport reporting that it would be surprising to see the 16-time World Champion wrestle on the broadcast.

The appearance is also expected to be a one-off affair as Cena is currently understood to have a hectic movie schedule preventing him from making a full-time return to WWE.

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