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This Goalkeeper Scored A Goal From His Own Box, Despite What The Official Report Says.

Deportivo Táchira became the first Venezuelan team to win a game in Bolivia for Copa Libertadores after beating Independiente Petrolero 2-1 on Tuesday night, in Sucre, at 9,219 feet above the sea level. Of course, all of Táchira’s players need to be credited for the feat but especially the goalkeeper Christopher Varela who scored the first goal of the match from his own box.

It is true: CONMEBOL’s official report gives the goal to striker Anthony Uribe, a greedy teammate of Varela. However, after watching the replay several times, I firmly believe the goal needs to be added to Varela’s account.

In the sequence, we all can see Varela’s long ball and how badly Independiente Petrolero’s defenders screwed this one up, but then it is extremely hard to determine if the ball entered because of Varela’s shot or if Uribe rapaciously touched it before crossing the goal line to steal his teammate’s glory.

It’s obviously a Varela goal, am I right?

I accept there is a chance that between the pixeled images, the fact of how tight the play is and the anger I feel towards Uribe for trying to ruin a box-to-box GK’s goal that I could be wrong.

And if that is the case, I keep choosing to be wrong.

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