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‘100%’- Tommy Fury Says He’ll Retire If He Loses To Jake Paul

Paul and Fury are both undefeated in their boxing careers

The long-awaited boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is set for the end of the month. But if one boxer doesn’t win, he might retire altogether.

Fury has consistently spat at Paul’s boxing career, pointing out that he’s never faced and beaten a real boxer. It has been floated numerous times that these two would square off in the ring together, with two previous fights falling through. But after the paperwork was finally drawn up again, it’s set to take place in Saudi Arabia on Feb. 26.

Fury spoke to talkSPORT Drive, saying again what he has been for quite some time: He’s going to knock Paul out in the ring. However, if he does end up losing, the gloves might not go back on.

“Yes, 100% yeah. Definitely,” he said when asked if he would retire if he loses to Paul, who hasn’t lost in six fights.

“If I can’t beat Jake Paul, I don’t belong in the ring.”

Fury is also undefeated in his boxing career, winning four fights by knockout and four by decision.

His confidence is beaming, though, as he doesn’t think Paul is going to be able to land a clean punch on him.

“If he caught me, I’d probably just laugh to be honest.

“Because I’ve been used to being hit by heavyweights and Olympic gold medalists, world champions and whatever, so Jake Paul — a little kid from Disney — what’s he going to do?”

“TNT,” which is Fury’s boxing nickname, didn’t stop there.

“There is nothing that Jake Paul does inside that ring that has got me worried,” he noted.

“He throws a wild overhand right like any guy from the pub would do, he’s blown out of his a— after three rounds, there’s not a lot he does.

“He doesn’t have a high work rate, he is what he is. And yeah, I believe he is that delusional to believe he’s going to beat me.”

All the talk from both sides will be put to the test later this month, and perhaps Fury’s words will ring true in the end.

If not, we might not see him back in the ring.

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