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5 Favorite Quotes By Tim Henman

Tim Henman is a British former professional tennis player. Henman played a serve-and-volley style of tennis. He was the first British man to reach the singles semifinals of Wimbledon since Roger Taylor in the 1970s.

Tim Henman took advantage of the open era to earn a fortune on the ATP tour, becoming very wealthy from his skills on the court.

He quickly advanced in the ATP rankings and, by 1996, he had advanced to the Wimbledon quarterfinals.

Our favorite quotes from Tim Henman:

  • “I’ll keep doing the right things and the results will come.” – Tim Henman
  • “I’ve always felt that my generation was the last group to have passion about the game.” – Tim Henman
  • “The young British players need to take responsibility for their form and ability.” – Tim Henman
  • “I’ve had some decent wins this year against higher ranked players but what I’ve failed to do is to build on those.” – Tim Henman
  • “If someone asks me a question, there might be a truthful answer and a correct answer.” – Tim Henman

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