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Rumblings of Murray’s unhappiness with the organization have surfaced since the end of the 2021 season.

If you’re seeking an answer as to why Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is currently absent from OTA’s, you’ll want to look to someone other than Murray’s teammate A.J. Green.

Despite the expected camaraderie shared amongst their positions, Green admits there’s a lack of chemistry between QB and WR, and he needs to do a better job of communicating.

“That’s where I have to be accountable,” Green told AZCardinals.com. “I need to go to him and tell him what I see and (he needs to tell me) what he needs me to do better.”

Green caught just 54 passes for less than 900 yards last season, his first in Arizona. If he wants to improve on those numbers and in turn, help the Cards advance deep into the postseason, it’s imperative that he and Murray align. Something they struggled with last fall.

“I think last year there was a lacking on my part,” said Green. “I didn’t really communicate with him about stuff like that because I didn’t want to put a lot of stuff on his plate.”

The receiver’s approach to better communication can be viewed as proactive. While Murray is reportedly unhappy with his contract status and the source of blame and ridicule from fans and media alike, Green’s not about to pile on. He’s accepting responsibility for his failed role and seeking improvement.

“I can take it – ‘A.J., run the route at this depth. You need to do this.’ I’m no bigger than the team,” Green insisted, per AZCardinals.com. “I need him to communicate with me, and I’ll do the same.”

33-year-old Green is of the opinion that he and Murray will undoubtedly be more comfortable with one another as they enter a second season as teammates: “For me, it’s being more in his face, talking together. ‘A.J. you need to do this better,’ and I’ll be like, ‘OK, I’ve got to do this better.’ Don’t be hesitant when it comes to my play. ‘A.J., you need to pick this up.’ The second year is going to be big for that.”‘

Should things continue to go south in year two, Arizona fans will be out of luck. Green’s tied to the team for one more season, Murray for two. Like it or not, those are the cards they were dealt.

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