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Angel Di Maria Biography – Goals, Marriage, Personal Life And More

  • Ángel Di María is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a right winger or attacking midfielder for Primeira Liga club Benfica and the Argentina national team.

He plays for the Argentina national team either as an attacking midfielder or winger. He has had a diverse career in this sport and has recently created a prodigious buzz by signing for Manchester United with a jaw-dropping British record of £59.7 million. This step up attempt of Manchester United about Angel Di Maria transfer news has enthralled most of the football lovers especially the fans of Manchester United. Di Maria in red has filled the minds of Manu lovers with abundant joy and they are curious to read about soccer player Angel Di Maria profile. Most of his fans wish to know about his special shots, goals and matches and are also curious to garner information on the complete Angel Di Maria biography. Argentina footballer Angel Di Maria biography unveils brief details about his career, education, transfer news and personal life.

Angel Di Maria Age and Personal Details

Argentine winger Angel Di Maria has begged more than 50 caps for his country and cut the mustard in numerous amazing matches. He was born in Rosario in Argentina. Angel Di Maria date of birth is February 14th, 1988. He played for Real Madrid and very recently cracked the 5 year deal with the English club Manchester united on August 26th, 2014 with a sumptuous transfer fee of £59.7 million which is considered as the 5th most expensive transfer fee.

Angel Di Maria full name is Angel Fabian Di Maria Hernandez but he is more popular known as Di Maria. Angel Di Maria family background is a simple Argentine family and everyone defies football with great spirit of respect and love. Angel Di Maria height is 1.80 m or 5 feet and 11 inches. Apart from exhibiting fantabulous dribbling and soccer skill Di Maria is also blessed with a captivating personality that makes him pretty popular among female fans.

Argentine soccer player Angel Di Maria biography has unveiled most of his personal details and has sufficed the answer for one of the most frequently asked question Angel Di Maria belongs to which country. He had bagged gold at the Olympics 2008 and represented his country at the 2011 Copa America and 2 World Cups. The soccer player has been anointed with many prestigious tags and winning crowns. His 5-year deal with Manchester United shall definitely have more to give to the soccer world.

Argentine Footballer Angel Di Maria Wiki

The Argentine mid-field attacker and winger had a flair for the game right since his childhood. He moved to Europe in the year 2007 to play for Benfica and earned a sumptuous amount of €25 million move to the club real Madrid 3 years later. Angel Di Maria Real Madrid has enjoyed a stupendous ride and has won many titles for the club.

He had also secured the Champion League victory for the club and later this year joined Manchester United. Angel Di Maria transfer rumors had already created a sense of anticipation for all Manchester United followers and left them at agog but the confirmed news on Angel Di Maria transfer to Manchester United left everyone speechless.

Di Maria quoted that Manchester United would be the only club he would have ever left Real Madrid for. He is expected to play his debut match for Manchester united on Saturday, 27th August, 2014 in the Premier League against Burnley. Angel Di Maria wiki has given the Angel Di Maria latest news and information on his initial career matches. The further read on his career shall give you brief details on his career with Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Soccer Player Angel Di Maria Career

Di Maria was first transferred to the Portuguese side Benfica where he played as a Winger. He as highly regarded by them and was considered as the perfect replacement for team Benefica’s departing captain. He had signed a new deal on October 2009 with Benfica and added 3 more years to his then current deal. He was backed by the Argentina soccer legend Diego Maradona to become Argentina’s next superstar.

Angel Di Maria matches have witnessed his amazing gameplay and he scored his 1st hat trick I a classic win of 4-0 against Leixoes SC. Angel Di Maria records had been discussed in all sports paper and it dawned more fame and success for him. He signed a contract with Real Madrid and played his debut in the year 2010 on 4th August. It was a friendly match in which Real Madrid secured 3-2 score against Club America. Some of Angel Di Maria best goals were played as a part of Real Madrid and his play has been described as Magical moments.

His victory against CA Penarol with a score of 2-0 for Santiago Bernabeu Trophy epitomizes one of his best play. Angel Di Maria debut match in a league was witnessed against RCD Malllorca on 29th August. He scored his 1st goal in a league for Real Madrid over Real Sociedad. His 1st goal in Champions League was against AJ Auxerre in which he won a 1-0 victory. There after he has played many incredibly winning matches brought humongous pride for Real Madrid.

Angel Di Maria in Manchester United

On May 24th, 2014 Di Maria had displayed jaw-dropping dribbles past 3 players and gave a marvelous match which finally led to the lead of 2-1 of Real Madrid over city rivals. He was anointed as Man of the Match by the august UEFA. Angel Di Maria and Lionel Messi have grown as the most popular footballers of Argentina. There has been no doubt about his natural talent and he had been offered to join Manchester United Club and this ascended the total figure of Angel Di Maria net worth.

However Angel Di Maria PSG had casted a doubt on this contract about his swapping. The procedure was blazing fast and he signed the 5 year contract which is so far one of the most expensive global signing ever with a transfer fee of £59.7 million. The Angel Di Maria arsenal transfer news and Angel Di Maria arsenal bid was also big news but this one seems to have broken records in his career. His soccer dribbling skills and the powerful ability to beat opponents are a true fun and joy to watch.

Angel Di Maria Personal Life

Angel DI Maria is undoubtedly one of the best footballers like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo that he has been offered such a prestigious and expensive contract. Apart from his professional achievement he has a bit of placid personal life as well. Angel Di Maria personal life is graced with a successful and stable married life.

The numerous fans have often wondered about Angel Di Maria girlfriend and questioned is Angel Di Maria married? The news about his marriage is not known to many but it is surprising to know that the amazing soccer player has been married since 2011. Not much has been buzzed about Angel Di Maria love affairs and Angel Di Maria and his wife have led a placid and silent personal life.

Di Maria was married in the 2011 and Angel Di Maria wife name is Jorgelina Cardoso and they have been married since 3 years now. Angel Di Maria wife profile is not of any famous model or celebrity and Angel Di Maria age and profession is not known to many. They also have a daughter named Mia. Angel Di Maria wife photos have been displayed on a couple of sites.

The news about Angel Di Maria wife pregnant had filled their lives with immense joy and pride but their child was born 3 months premature and hence had to kept in ICU that daunted the couple of her survival. However Angel Di Maria daughter made through the life battle and Angel Di Maria and Jorgelina Cardoso are now relishing a happy and complete family life.

After signing the Manchester United contract Angel Di Maria and Jorgelina Cardoso posed for a couple of photographs and it must be admitted that he wife is a true natural beauty with a mesmerizing and commendable sparkling charm.

Angel Di Maria Facts, Gossips and Latest News

One of the most fascinating facts about Di Maria is his birth date and that he was born on St. Valentine’s Day. The biggest news about his career is that he is now one of the most expensive Football players after signing the deal with Manchester United. Most interesting news is Angel Di Maria forearm tattoo which he flaunts in most of the photographs.

There are several pictures of the footballer flaunting his amazing tattoo. Apart from this news, there have been some controversies about Angel Di Maria battles with James Rodriguez. It was about the new signing for a place in Real Madrid team. Di Maria has played many marvelous seasons and Angel Di Maria goals assist has been stupendous. In the 2012-2013 seasons he had scored 8 goals in 46 appearances.

Besides there have been also news on Angel Di Maria injured in world cup owing to which his matches were affected. The fans constantly waited for Angel Di Maria injury updates and were disappointed with the medical news. The star footballer has embossed his name among the most expensive soccer players in the world and his upcoming matches in the team Manchester united shall be a real treat to watch.

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