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At Deadwood Mountain Grand, Deadwood, South Dakota, Friday over ShoBox The Next Generation Holden Productions presented in the Main Event Olympic returning after a twenty-eight month of activity alternate unbeaten Super Welterweight Ardreal “Boss Man” Holmes, from Flint, Michigan, defeated once-beaten Vernon “Subzero” Brown, of Chicago, Illinois, over ten rounds.

In the co-feature, previously unbeaten lightweight Luis Acosta of Houston, Texas, was knocked out by once-beaten Edwin De Los Santos of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in two rounds.

In the Main Event, southpaw Ardreal “Boss Man” Holmes, Jr., 12-0 (5), #156, of Flint, MI, defeated southpaw Vernon “Subzero” Brown, 13-2-1 (9), #157 ¼, of Chicago, IL, over ten rounds.

In the first two rounds, the much taller by six inches southpaw Holmes dominated by using his reach and hooks knocking out the mouthpiece of Brown at the end of the second round’s final seconds. In the third through the fifth rounds, Holmes stopped using his reach, allowing Brown, who used an inside body attack keeping Holmes in the middle of the ring.

In the sixth round though staying inside, Holmes outworked Brown. In the seventh round, it was close, but Brown seemed to use effective uppercuts inside, rocking Holmes with a little over a minute remaining in the round. In the eighth round, it was again close, with Holmes again knocking out the mouthpiece of Brown in the final seconds with a left on the chin.

In the ninth round at the end of the first minute, Holmes landed a flurry of punches to the chin of Brown, having him against the ropes. In the tenth and final round, Holmes outworked Brown the first half of the round, but little was landed the rest of the way by either fighter.

Scores were 97-93, 96-94, and 98-92, with this writer 96-94. The referee was Mark Nelson.

In the co-feature, Lightweight Luis Acosta, 12-1 (11), #133 ½, of Houston, TX, was knocked out by southpaw Edwin “El Grenade” De Los Santos, 14-1 (13), #133 ¾, of Santo Domingo, DR, at 0:48 of the second round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the first round, De Los Santos landed a right hook on the chin halfway through the round, dropping Acosta for a flash knockdown due to his glove touching the canvas. In the second round, De Los Santos landed two jabs and a solid left to the chin of Acosta, knocking him down on his back and out as referee Mark Nelson waved it off without a count.

In the opening bout, 21-year-old 2021 National Golden Gloves champion Giovanni Marquez, 1-0 (0), #143, of Houston, Texas, defeated Nelson Morales, 2-1(0), #144 ¼, of Scranton, PA, over four rounds.

In the first round Morales out-landed Marquez using good hand and foot speed. In the second round, Marquez turned it around, moving side to side, landing serious punches keeping Morales against the ropes for most of the round.

In the third round, Marquez landed as many as three right uppercuts to the chin in the middle of the round, while Morales ended the round with a solid left hook on the chin of Marquez. In the fourth and final round, Marquez landed flurries of punches at times, taking the round from Morales, who ended with a bloody nose. The Referee was Mark Nelson.

Scores were 40-36 and 39-37 twice, as did this writer. Marquez is the son of former world champion Raul Marquez.

Raúl Márquez is an American professional boxer, and the former IBF champion at light middleweight.

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