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Kevin Campbell has claimed that Thomas Partey is now Arsenal’s ‘most important’ player.

The Highbury legend added that Partey, after a slow start last season, has now transformed into a player of ‘class and quality’.

For years and years, Arsenal fans have been crying out for a player to showcase authority, calmness and leadership from the middle of the park.

Well, now they have it in the form of their hard-hitting 28-year-old, who has stayed away from the treatment room this season.

Campbell spoke about the player’s transformation and how it was never going to be easy when he first swapped La Liga for the Premier League, as he told the Highbury Squad.

“I think this season, don’t forget before he went to AFCON, he was playing outstanding,” said Campbell. “Sometimes it takes these foreign players a little while to adapt.

“It’s easy for us to say ‘he’s a good player. We have seen him play well at Atletico, he should just transfer that to English football’. He has had difficulty trying to keep fit over here. There have been injuries.

“Obviously, the level of physicality is more than it is in Spain. It’s more technical.

“At the end of the day, anyone who is watching Thomas Partey now, you can see the class and the quality that he brings to the team. I said who is our most important player? I think he is our most important player. Not only does he protect the back four, but he gets that ball moving forward.”

Arsenal still need to get over that Champions League line to show their rewards for what has been a fine season.

It has been a long time that the Gooners have had much to cheer about, but aside from the first three Premier League games, this young and vibrant side is improving by the minute.

Partey could argue that he is the most important because, without him, the balance of the side becomes uneven.

The young centre-back duo, Ben White and Gabriel, are able to grow with his protection in front, whilst the Ghaninan also allows the Arsenal young guns to strut their stuff in the final third, alongside the experienced, Alexandre Lacazette.

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