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Chris Jones Net Worth (2023)| Early Life, Career, Philanthropist, Quotes And More

  • Chris Jones is a former American football punter in the National Football League (NFL) for the Dallas Cowboys. He played college football at Carson-Newman College.

Net Worth: $3 Million
Born: July 12, 1990
Gender: Male
Height: 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional NFL Player
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Chris Jones is an American football defensive tackle who is currently signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jones was selected in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL draft by the Houston Texans. He played college football for Bowling Green State University.

As of October 2023, Chris Jones’ net worth is roughly $3 Million.

Early Life

Christopher Jones was born on the 12th of July, 1990, in Ohio.

Jones has played for Bowling Green from 2009 to 2012. In 2009, he had 29 total tackles. The following season, he had 39 tackles and 6.0 sacks.

In 2012, Jones had 42 tackles, and he ranked third in the nation with 12.5 sacks. He was the MAC defensive player of the year and was named to the All-MAC first team again.

After excelling in football at Houston High School, Jones committed to playing college football at Mississippi State University where he planned to study further.

Despite sharing his last name with rapper Mike Jones, Chris is not related but attended school in the same Houston area.

In Jones’ freshman year, he appeared in 13 games, recording 44 tackles and three sacks, making an impact on the 2013 squad.

He followed this impressive start by making 26 tackles and three sacks as a sophomore, which confirmed his decision to enter the 2016 NFL draft.


Reaching the Peak of Success

The Kansas City Chiefs saw Jones’ potential and snapped him up in the second round of the draft as the 37th overall pick.

In his rookie season, he continued his impressive form by making 28 tackles, recording 2 sacks, and earning his NFL All-Rookie Team spot.

He quickly built a reputation for disrupting opposing defenses with his pass-rushing skills and set an NFL record with 11 consecutive games with a sack.

His record earned him Pro Bowl selections from 2019 to 2022, helping the Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIV and Super Bowl LVII.

The result of all his hard work and passion was being named First-team All-Pro in 2022 and Second-team All-Pro in 2018 and 2020-2021.

He joins other star players like Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce who have earned their All-Pro status in the early 2020s.

So far, Jones amassed 68.5 sacks and 12 forced fumbles in his career, cementing his place on the team and contributing to his enormous contracts.

Negotiating a Record Contract

Based on his university and draft performances, Jones signed an initial four-year contract worth $6.23 million with the Chiefs after they drafted him in 2016.

When his contract came up for renegotiation in 2020, Jones signed a four-year contract extension worth $80 million, with $60 million guaranteed.

Reaching the Top 100 NFL Players List

During the course of his 8 years in gridiron football, Jones has earned the AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors several times.

These performances together with his commitment and passion on the field saw him ranked ranked in the NFL Top 100 Players list in multiple years.

Aside from his awesome NFL sack record in consecutive games, he has been one of the Chiefs’ key defensive player in their Super Bowl victories.

Philanthropy and Impact

When not on the field training or crushing the opposition, Chris is active in various charities, including work with the Special Olympics.

He hosts the athletes at training camp practices and provides his time and money to support fundraising efforts.

After the Special Olympics was canceled during the pandemic, Jones donated a significant portion of his time encouraging each athlete with messages of support.

He is also a firm believer in supporting children, often visiting sick children at the Mosaic Health network, bringing joy and comfort to their families.

Jones also values his teammates, buying the defensive line and coach Rolex watches after celebrating his 10 sacks in a season milestone.

Despite his celebrity status, he’s not forgotten his roots, returning to his hometown alma mater, Houston High School to support the school children.

Jones makes a substantial impact on the students’ lives by reading to lower elementary classes and contributing $200,000 to the school’s development fund.

Local Endorsements and Sponsorships

In 2023, Chris signed a one-year contract extension with the Chiefs after holding out for a brief period in search of a better deal.

He also finalized a national endorsement deal with the global sporting brand, Adidas as well as Dick’s the largest sporting goods retailer in the US.

Jones then secured a few more promotional deals with local Kansas businesses like Joe’s Kansas City BBQ, one of his regular haunts.

Not only does he spend plenty of time eating at the popular restaurant, but also takes time out to chat with customers and staff.

Other prominent businesses that support him with sponsorship deals are the local McDonald’s chain and the Mosaic Life Care hospital group.

An imposing Player With a Sense of Humor

Part of Jones’ allure is his imposing physical presence, standing at 6 feet 6 inches and weighing 310 pounds, he’s a hard man to miss in any setting.

Chris never misses an opportunity to ham it up with his teammates and likes to do things a little differently, even at the risk of a little controversy.

This led to a rather immodest wardrobe malfunction during the NFL Combine where he wore boxers instead of tights, resulting in a fall.

He later said that he wanted to be a bit different from everyone else and in the dark changing room, grabbed the boxers by mistake, leading to the embarrassing moment.

With his career far from over, Jones is sure to join other big-hitting players among the richest NFL players in the USA.

Chris always makes sure that he makes the most impact on the team’s results, establishing himself as one of the NFL’s premier defensive tackles

Chris Jones’ Net Worth

As of October 2023, Chris Jones’ net worth is $3 Million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Chris Jones’ career:

  • Drafted by the Houston Texans (2013)
  • Won a Super Bowl Championships (2015)

Favorite Quotes from Chris Jones

“You have to be ready to compete. Because lots of people dream that dream, to be the best at something. But are you ready to commit to the hard work that it takes to get there?” Chris Jones

3 Life Lessons Chris Jones

Now that you know all about Chris Jones’ net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from him: 

1. Hard Work Will Pay Off 

It’s really indescribable. All the hard work you put in and all the sacrifices.

2. Get On 

Life is about hard work and getting on with things.

3. Be The Best 

Whatever you go into, you have to go in there to be the best. There are no formulas. It’s all about passion, honesty and hard work.

It might look glamorous, but it takes a lot of hard work. 

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