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Colts QB Anthony Richardson Wife Or Girlfriend: Jada Richardson

Anthony Richardson is an American football quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League (NFL).

Colts QB Anthony Richardson future wife, Jada Richardson, is graduating with a nursing degree from Florida A&M University. The young couple has been dating since 2018.

Anthony and Jada crossed paths for the first time at Eastside High School. And two years after meeting each other, in 2020, they decided to get engaged.

Anthony Richardson Pictured With His Partner Jada Richardson In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

Despite being only teenagers, Anthony and Jada decided to take a huge step in their lives. The fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft 2023 might wait a while to marry, as his football career is just starting to take off.

The third QB to be selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, behind Bryce Young and CJ Stroud, Richardson had set NFL Combines on fire.

His teammates, including Jonathan Taylor, have already talked about the rookie’s talent and the threat he brings to the NFL.

Anthony Richardson Future Wife: Jada Richardson

Anthony Richardson’s future wife, Jada Richardson, has been with him since high school.

The young couple attended Eastside High School together, and their relationship remained intact despite going to separate colleges. Anthony chose the University of Florida, and his partner Jada pursued her higher studies at Florida A&M University.

One look at Anthony’s Instagram handle, and you wouldn’t think the man has a girlfriend. But the 20 years old Colts player is, in fact, a committed man.

Jada Richardson Shows Off Her Engagement Ring With Anthony In The Driver’s Seat On Her Facebook Handle In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

On October 26, 2020, then 19-year-old Jada took to her Facebook handle to announce her engagement with the football player. In a gallery of images, one photo stuck out that was of Jada flashing her engagement ring.

Along with sharing the photos, Jada wrote a lengthy caption. She talked about all the highs and lows they faced in their relationship and was proud of where they reached. The date, October 26, 2020, also marked their second anniversary.

Jada’s family also seems to approve of their relationship, with Jada tagging her mom in one of the photos featuring her and Anthony.

In the particular snap, Jada is seen wearing a jacket with Anthony’s picture on the back as she attended his college game.

All of Jada’s latest posts are of Anthony and his success on the football field. She shared the video of her future husband making a QB record in the NFL Combine earlier this year for vertical jump. And it would be an understatement to say that Jada is proud of Anthony.

Jada Richardson Is A Birth Doula

In 2020 Jada Richardson announced she would major in nursing at Florida A&M University. Since then, Richardson has been looking to play an active role in the health sector.

Last year in October, Jada announced she had opened a doula services company, Rich Blessings. For many, the term “Doula” might be new, but don’t worry, no need to open a new tab, we’ve got you.

Doula is a trained professional who supports the pregnant woman physically and emotionally before, during, and after the birth. Jada, who resides in Gainsville, Florida, opened the company in the same place.

Jada Richardson Family

Born on September 30, 2001, Jada is the daughter of Bull and Nikki-Harris Richardson.

Her father, Bull Richardson, graduated from Sante Fe College with a degree in early childhood education and building construction.

He was one of the first members in the family to join Eastside High School and has been married to his wife, Nikki Harris-Richardson, for the past 22 years.

Jade Richardson(Second From Left) Pictured With Her Family After Her Brother Noah Richardson’s Graduation In 2023 (Source: Facebook)

Jada also has a brother, Noah Richardson, who, like her, studied at Eastside High School and recently graduated from Florida A&M University with a computer engineering degree.

The proud father, Bull Richardson, shared a couple of pictures of his son’s graduation ceremony on his Facebook handle.

She also has a sister named Zion Richardson, a graduate of Santa Fe College and a former model of Hollister Company. Zion is currently a shoe designer at Foot Locker.

Bull has also been a supportive future father-in-law and keeps sharing news related to Anthony on his handle. In the past, he has also attended several of Anthony’s college games with his daughter.

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