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Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku pranked everyone – including several NFL insiders – with an April Fool’s joke on Twitter.

It’s officially 1 April which means the internet is rife with pranks and jokes ready to catch you out.

It’s the day where everything has to be questioned, but even then some jokes can slip through the net.

Cleveland Browns tight end played a stellar April Fool’s joke on fans online, and some pretty big hitters fell for it.

David Njoku is a tight end for the Cleveland Browns after being drafted by the franchise in 2017.

However, this morning, he posted a tweet informing his fans that he was requesting a trade.

‘Good Morning all, I have instructed my agent @malkikawa to seek a trade. I want my fans to know first…’ he wrote.

The tweet was quickly picked up by official NFL insiders including Ari Meirov and Ian Rapoport who reported on the ‘breaking news’.

However, not all was as it seemed…

Minutes after his original tweet, Njoku posted an update. He posted the following GIF with the caption: ‘April Fools baby’.

Many admitted they completely fell for it including Rapoport (who deleted his earlier tweet reporting the news) and Meirov.

Many more responded to the joke saying how well Djoku had played it.

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport did, however, provide an actual update on Njoku’s current contract status.

He wrote: ‘Here is a real update, amidst this April Fool’s joke: The #Browns and TE David Njoku are in active talks on an extension, sources say, and there is confidence it can get done by the July 15 deadline.

‘Now back to ignoring everything (besides this) online today.’

It appears falling for April Fool’s jokes happens to the best of us…

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