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‘I Felt Sick To My Stomach’- College Golf Star Disqualifies Himself From US Open Qualifier

Tommy Kuhl is one of the top collegiate golfers in the US

Tommy Kuhl had a great day on the golf course on Monday.

Kuhl, who attends Illinois and is one of the top collegiate golfers in the country, wrapped up a course-record 62 at the Illini Country Club in Springfield on Monday during a local U.S. Open qualifier and was likely headed to the final qualifying round until he realized he broke a rule.

Kuhl explained to Monday Q he was finished with his round and was going back to watch some of his Fighting Illini teammates finish up when he heard one of his teammates, Jackson Buchanan, remark about the difficulty of putting on aerated greens.

Aeration is part of golf course maintenance and could have a tendency to ruin a putter’s line when trying to finish up a hole. Kuhl told the outlet he had been fixing aeration marks on the greens, which is against the rules unless a local rule is in play.

Kuhl disqualified himself.

“I felt sick to my stomach,” he told Monday Q. “”I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t tell the rules official.

“I should know better. It comes down to me. I should know that rule.”

Another pro told the outlet he had repaired the aerated marks as well but was not going to qualify for the next round anyway.

Kuhl is a fifth-year senior at Illinois and will likely be U.S. Open-bound at some point during his golf career. He earned a spot on the All-Big Ten Championships Team and was a bronze medalist in the All-Big Ten Championship.

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