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Tiger Woods ‘Honoured And Humbled’ Inducted Into Golf’s Hall Of Fame.

Tiger Woods says he is “honoured” and “humbled” to be inducted into golf’s Hall of Fame.

Woods, 46, is one of the greatest golfers of all time. He is a 15-time major champion, behind only Jack Nicklaus (18) on the all-time standings, and has won a record-equalling 82 events on the PGA Tour.

He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on March 9, during the week of the Players Championship, alongside three-time US Women’s Open champion Susie Maxwell Berning, former PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and the late Marion Hollins.

“To be honoured and to be selected and to go into the hall with all the idols that I grew up watching and idolising, I’m going to be with them for perpetuity.It’s pretty humbling”, Woods told Golf Digest in a special exclusive interview.

“Everyone that has been close to me and has been involved in my life, my family, foundation, I want them there. This is a career achievement and I’ve been out here doing it for 26 years, and it’s a long time.

“And to have everyone there and, you know, I wish my dad would have been there to see it because he was involved and he’s the one who got me started in the game, but my mum’s got to be there, and she was there.

“She’s the one that took me to all our junior tournaments in southern California. We’d get up and go play the peewee league, and then an under-age division at Riverside and that’s an hour or hour-and-a-half drive and sometimes stuck on that 91 freeway headed out there…and never, never complain. She would keep the score score and give the report to my dad when I got home and that to me is special to have her still around.”

Woods has yet to return to the PGA Tour since suffering serious injuries in a car accident in February 2021. He said in November that he cannot envisage returning to the PGA Tour full-time, but he still feels his career is not over.

“Most sports, you have to wait five years after you retire from your sport, just to be eligible [for the Hall of Fame]. Our sport’s different, you can still go into the hall and still play and compete out here. There are players that have won on tour after they’ve gone into the hall.

“So it’s very different, but it’s also an acknowledgment that you’ve had a successful career. I feel like I have. But it feels like it is still not over yet.”

Woods also says he hopes to visit the Hall of Fame in Florida before the induction event.

“I would like to see the hall before I go in the hall. That’s where the golf nerd in me comes out, where I like going back and part of history.

“So go in the Hall of Fame and to see that part of the history and see the development of our game and to be a part of that and I will always be a part of that, is very special.”

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