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Julius Randle’s Wife, Kendra, Reacts To Kenyon Martin’s Displeasure Of Kiss After Playoff Victory

Kenyon Martin found it weird that Randle went to his wife and son immediately after Knicks’ Game 5 win

Julius Randle’s wife, Kendra Randle, barked back at former NBA player Kenyon Martin’s take on the couple’s kiss following the New York Knicks’ Game 5 victory over the Miami Heat.

Martin found it odd that Randle’s initial reaction was to find his wife and kiss her after the win. He also had some words with their son, Kyden, before rejoining his teammates.

“We just got done playing a hard-fought game in a playoff series and the first thing [Randle does] is you go kiss his wife. That’s the first thing you do? Where is your mind at? The very first thing he did, dawg, when the game was over,” Martin said on Gilbert Arena’s “Gil’s Arena” podcast.

“I am sitting there watching the game with my wife. I’m like, ‘I love you to death, but ain’t no way in that incident. I’m gonna be with my guys. We just got done winning, I’m not even thinking about you.'”

Kendra Randle had time on Saturday to shoot back at Martin, as she used her Twitter page to do so, starting with some laughing emojis.

“Slow news day I guess,” she began. “Both of us grew up in single parent homes. We never saw our dads respect our mothers. I’m so grateful my kids get to grow up watching their dad be the best father and husband.”

“By the way that game was after a win,” she fired off in a separate tweet. “He would never be in the mood to kiss or even talk after a loss lol. But talk about real issues. Not a husband and father loving his family.”

The 25-year-old, a fashion designer/blogger who founded “Muse Kalore,” a women’s wear boutique, has been a staple courtside at Madison Square Garden with 6-year-old Kyden since Randle joined the Knicks.

But they will have to wait until next season to see Julius play, as the Knicks dropped Game 6 to the Heat to lose their second round series.

Both Julius and Kendra went to the University of Kentucky, where Julius played just one season in 2013-14 before declaring for the NBA Draft. The Los Angeles Lakers ended up taking him seventh overall in 2014.

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