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Kris Bryant Brother: Nick Bryant – Do They Have A Special Bond

Kris Bryant is an American professional baseball third baseman and outfielder for the Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Kris Bryant brother, Nick Bryant, is a physician assistant, having last played baseball in high school. The older brother of Kris quit baseball to focus on academics.

Competitive as hell, the two Bryant brothers tried to one-up each other in every field possible. Most of the time, the battle used to be won by the younger brother.

Sons of former minor league baseball player Kris and Nick’s career path changed after high school. If Nick decided to focus on the medical field, Kris was adamant about making a career in baseball.

Kris Bryant Pictured In Colorado Rockies Gear In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The face of the Colorado Rockies’ franchise, Kris is the highest-earning player by quite a mile. The second name on the list Charlie Blackmon is short by 13 million.

There is a lot of pressure riding on Bryant to help the side to a better finish and better performance in the 2023 MLB season. For a side that has never won a World Series title, Bryant can one day possibly go down as the legend of the Rockies.

Kris Bryant Brother, Nick Bryant Is A Graduate Of Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

Kris Bryant’s brother, Nick Bryant, was raised as a baseball fan alongside his little brother. Two years older than Kris, the brothers were nothing like each other.

If Kris decided to pursue baseball professionally, Nick decided his time was up after high school. But Nick can always say that he and his team Bonanza Bengals defeated Bryce Harper-led Las Vegas Wildcats before calling time on his career.

Standing at 6ft, Nick played as first baseman and third baseman. Though the brotherly love between the two existed, Kris and Nick were as much of a competitor as they were brothers.

A Childhood Picture Of Kris And Nick Hugging Their Mike Bryant Was Shared By Kris On Father’s Day In 2017 (Source: Instagram)

From baseball to academics, the two would challenge each other in every field. Nick graduated from high school with a CGPA of 4.72 and was determined not to lose against his brother, Kris, who scored 4.78.

After graduating from Bonanza, Nick enrolled at the University of Las Vegas and took up biology as his major. Kris tried to do the same but couldn’t keep up with biology because of on-field commitments.

Nick earned a master’s degree in from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 2013 and Health Sciences. Since then, he has worked in several hospitals, including Valley Hospital Medical Center and Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center.

Kris Bryant Parents: Mike And Susie Bryant

Kris Bryant’s parents, Mike and Susie Bryant, gave equal priority to their son’s baseball career and academic success. The Nevada natives, Mike and Susie, could’ve raised two MLB stars but settled for one.

You can call it a gut feeling or a lucky guess, but Mike knew his son was something special when he was just five years old.

In an interview with ESPN, the father-son duo recalled some of the best bits of their shared journey to the top of the baseball competition.

Son Of Former Minor League Baseball Player

Born on February 23, 1956, Kris was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, before he moved to Nevada. A fellow big league dreamer, Mike was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 1980 from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

But his baseball career couldn’t reach greater heights. He played two seasons in the minor league, one season each at Elmira Pioneers and Winter Haven Red Sox. Mike admits he was not a good hitter of the ball as much as he is a teacher.

Kris Bryant’s Father Was Once Drafted By The Boston Red Sox In 1980 (Source: Twitter)

After hanging up his cleats, Mike focused on his family furniture business. He ran it successfully for 13 years, but one day decided it was enough as the company was consuming up the time he could’ve used to watch his two sons play baseball.

He sold the business and decided to become a sales representative and a baseball coach for his sons. The bold move paid off, and the faith he put in his son was returned to him.

Their Mom, Susie, Paid Special Attention To Off-Field Success

If Mike decided to make his son of the best baseball players in the country, Susie wanted Kris to maintain his grade.

Anything less than a C, and it was goodbye baseball. As much as Kris made his dad proud on the field, he fulfilled his mother’s wishes by being a well round student at Bonanza High School.

Kris Bryant Shares An Emotional Moment With His Mom Susie On His Wedding Day (Source: Instagram)

The Bryant family has special memories at Fenway Park. In 2017, Kris hit the fifth-longest home run over the Green Monster. Susie and Mike were in their seats as it happened. But the couple recalled something else as they saw the ball sail over the park. 

Years ago, Mike had proposed to his wife, Susie, behind the green monster and said he would be hitting home runs over this park. He might not have been able to do it, but their son did. 

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