Lauren Jackson Husband: Married Life and Kids – Who Is Paul Byrne?

  • Lauren Elizabeth Jackson AO is an Australian professional basketball player.

Australian basketball sensation Lauren Jackson lives a happy and stable married life with her husband, Paul Byrne.

Additionally, the couple has embraced the responsibilities of parenthood, raising their two sons.

Australian Basketball Player Lauren Jackson (Source: The NY Times)

Born on May 11, 1981, Lauren Jackson is a prominent Australian basketball player. Raised by parents who were both national basketball team members, she earned a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) at 16 in 1997.

Notably, in 1998, Jackson led the AIS team to victory in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL).

Joining the Canberra Capitals in 1999, she secured four additional WNBL championships by 2006. From 2010 to 2016, Jackson played for the Canberra Capitals, balancing her time with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) during the offseason.

To begin with, Lauren lives a long and happy marital life with her husband, Paul Byrne. The couple exchanged wedding vows in 2014.

Sharing a married life of nearly one decade, they share a strong bond of love and trust. Subsequently, Lauren is an elite basketball athlete, navigating different challenges in her athletic journey.

Beyond the court, having a supportive partner like Paul has been instrumental in her career, offering understanding during demanding times and celebrating triumphs.

This dynamic partnership enhances her athletic performance and provides a foundation for a balanced and fulfilling personal life.

Lauren Jackson And Husband Paul Byrne (Source: AJK Institute)

Speaking of Paul, he is involved in the profession of journalism. Additionally, he is a former basketball player.

Their shared love for basketball enhances their bond as Paul understands the trials and tribulations of a basketball athlete.

While Paul navigates the field of journalism, Lauren Jackson excels as an athlete. Subsequently, both successful figures in their fields, Paul and Lauren, are a well-renowned couple in Australia.

Adding a significant chapter on their relationship, the couple are parents to two sons. Additionally, Lauren has talked about how she always wanted to be a mother.

In her book, Jackson disclosed experiencing a miscarriage while actively playing, expressing concerns about her future ability to have children.

Subsequently, the book is ‘My Story: A Life in Basketball and Beyond’. Lauren shares her remarkable journey, tracing her path from a country school girl in Australia to an international sporting superstar. She also gives fans an insight into her family life.

Lauren Is A Mother To Two Sons (Source: The Australian)

Towards the conclusion of her career, Jackson harbored concerns that the debilitating knee injuries she endured might impede her ability to engage in physical activities with her future children, weighing heavily on her mind during her last months as an athlete.

Thankfully, all her concerns were put to rest as she and Paul welcomed their first son to the world in 2017. Lauren described the moment as the happiest one of her life.

Beyond her accomplishments as an elite athlete, Lauren excels as a loving and dedicated mother to her children, embodying strength on and off the court.

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