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Oscar De La Hoya Blasted On Davis Vs Garcia- ‘You Leaked Them’

Oscar De La Hoya again came under fire over the ongoing negotiations to finalize a Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Pay Per View.

The Golden Boy boss keeps taking shots over his handling of the deal, which De La Hoya stated would be signed on the day the contract arrived.

Almost a month has passed since the paperwork landed at De La Hoya and Garcia’s door. Nothing is concluded yet, with De La Hoya stating specific issues remain ongoing.

One was a rematch clause that De La Hoya addressed on social media. He asked: “Does Tank deserve a mandatory rematch if he loses?”

Speaking to ESPN, the eleven-time world champion added: “What’s holding everything up is the rematch clause.

“It’s only fair if Ryan wins, then our side controls everything as the A-side. This is just the way it always has been.

“It’s common sense that whoever wins is the A-side.”

Oscar De La Hoya

Also discussing the situation on YouTube clips, De La Hoya faced questions over his latest update.

The recently-turned 50-year-old tried to assure fans.

“I remain focused and determined on finalizing Tank vs ‘KingRy’ [Garcia].

“Contrary to leaked reports about the rematch clause, there are still a couple of points with strings attached that need to be ironed out.”

No sooner had De La Hoya posted his musings on the blockage. Fans responded to claim it was De La Hoya who put out the information he claimed was leaked.

One response stated: “You leaked the reports!”

Another said: “It wasn’t leaked. You and Ryan were talking about it.”

Davis vs Garcia
Fans are increasingly worried that Davis vs Garcia will become another Spence vs Crawford and fall apart for good.

“Oscar, the more details are leaked, the messier the business becomes. Just let us know when the contracts are signed,” one commenter outlined.

That’s all fans want. Agree to the fight, sign the contract to fight on a certain date, and then iron out the small print.

It’s not rocket science for most outsiders looking in. But the business has changed so much over the years with added networks and fingers in pies it’s proving impossible to maneuver some issues.

Gervonta Davis wants to face Ryan Garcia and vice versa. It should be as simple as that. However, promoters, TV, and managers seem to be able to put up roadblocks that ultimately mean the fans miss out.

If this fight doesn’t happen, it won’t be the fighters’ fault.

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