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Casper Rudd advanced to the French Open men’s final after the protester was removed from the court.

The French Open men’s semifinal match between Casper Ruud and Milan Cilic was delayed Friday after an environmental protester tied her neck to the net.

The match was delayed 13 minutes during the third set when a woman wearing a white T-shirt with the words “We have 1028 days left” ran onto the court at Phillippe Chatrier and appeared to attach herself to the net using metal wires and glue.

“The young woman, of French nationality, entered the grounds with a valid ticket early in the day,” the French Tennis Federation said in a statement.

“The security team needed to formally identify the objects she used to get onto the court before they could remove her.”

The woman was eventually carried off the court by security and “handed over to the police,” the federation added.

“I didn’t really know how to react to it, and … I didn’t know if she was holding anything,” said Ruud, who won the match to advance to Sunday’s final. “I didn’t get to see too much. So it was a little bit (of a) tricky and difficult situation. Never happened to me before.”

While Ruud may have never experienced a protest during match play, the French Open has seen its share of disruptions over the years.

During the 2013 men’s final, a topless man carrying a fiery flare jumped onto the court. In the 2009 final, a man approached Roger Federer and tried to put a hat on Federer’s head. In the 2003 final, a male streaker hurdled the net.

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