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Lewis Hamilton knows all about what it takes to be a success in sport after he managed to win seven world titles in Formula 1 over a hugely impressive career. Those achievements are matched and perhaps exceeded by Venus and Serena Williams, and the Mercedes driver paid tribute to the hard work behind the scenes that often goes unnoticed.

Seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has praised the Williams sisters’ excellence as he reflected on Will Smith’s performance in King Richard.

The film is a biopic of Richard Williams, the pair’s father, and tracks their rise from childhood to their success at Grand Slam events.

Serena Williams is regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time, in her sport and also more widely, She has 23 Grand Slam wins to her name, with her sister Venus winning seven Slams.

The film has attracted praise from reviewers and audiences and has received several Oscar nominations.

Speaking of the film, Hamilton observed that it showed the hard work that the pair have put in to reach the top of the sport.

“All of us have watched those two, both of them rise and see their success and trials and tribulations and like all of us we very much don’t understand what it has taken to get there,” the 37-year-old explained.

“People that tune in probably just think they are the best, not understanding the commitment and the time and the sacrifice they have to put in and so it is amazing that Will was able to highlight that.

“Behind everyone who is successful there is always somebody, it is inspiring for families out there, I am sure anyone here who has kids wants the best for their kids and wants to create the best opportunity and push them in the right way but not too much.”

Hamilton has a record-equalling seven world championships to his name, an achievement that he shares with Michael Schumacher.

However the start of the new season after his dramatic 2021 disappointment has been perhaps his most difficult ever as the Mercedes team struggles for pace.

New regulations and a poor setup in qualifying on Saturday at Saudi Arabian Grand Prix saw him qualify in sixteenth.

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