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The Ferrari team appeared to have a brief scare at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Sunday, with Carlos Sainz’s car giving them trouble. The team had to work under the supervision of team principal Mattia Binotto, with reports suggesting that a wiring problem was at the heart of the issue that needed to be addressed.

Ferrari appeared to have a problem with Carlos Sainz’s car in the build up to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Sainz holds third place on the grid after a decent showing in Saturday’s qualifying session, though he was pipped at the death by teammate Charles Leclerc for second place, directly trailing Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

However in the hour building up to the start of the race on Sunday, there seemed to be a problem with the Spaniard’s car, with a part being removed that appeared to be part of the electronic equipment in the car.

Ferrari’s team principal Mattio Binotto was pictured in attendance as he oversaw the work, but there was not necessarily a great deal at risk because parts can be changed for safety or reliability reasons.

However, with Red Bull’s dramatic technical problems in the last few laps at the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend, there are concerns for any troubles arising with cars – much of the design has been created from scratch for this season after the overhaul in car regulations.

Speaking to Sky Sports, former world champion Jenson Button commented that the situation had appeared to improve as more work was done.

“They look a little bit more relaxed,” Button explained.
“They’ve dispersed so they look as though they’re going to be nice and ready for the race.”

A Ferrari spokesperson gave no details on the situation, though it was reported that there was a problem with wiring.

“We are working on an issue we found in the last 30 minutes on Carlos’ car,” they said.

“We’ll update once we have more details.”

Ferrari lead the way after the first race, when Leclerc took the win and Sainz finished in second.

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